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“I believe in the work that the ClassicPress team is doing and want to support them on an ongoing basis. Contributing toward the success of a more business-focused CMS is ultimately also a contribution toward the success of my own business and the businesses of the clients I serve.”

Michelle Coe
Owner of BlueSkyPhoenix

ClassicPress is a volunteer powered not-for-profit. Each contribution to the project is made by a volunteer working for free. Without their generosity ClassicPress would still be an idea.

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How we will use your donation

The money you donate will be spent wisely and we will be transparent with how we spend it, releasing detailed annual reports.

Our aim long-term is to become self-sustaining. We will do this by providing solutions that generate revenue without creating conflicts of interest, such as:

  • The development of a ClassicPress plugin directory that includes free, freemium and premium plugins
  • The development of a ClassicPress jobs board that connects employers with ClassicPress volunteers
  • The launch of an online shop selling ClassicPress “swag” (t-shirts, caps, stickers etc)

Your donations will also cover our running costs in the interim period, such as servers, software and communication tools.

Thank you for your generosity

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